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Anxiety and Work-related Stress

Helping you to understand situations that cause anxiety so that you might handle them better.

Person-centred counselling can help you to explore the situations that bring about your feelings of anxiety like panic, overwhelm, worry or concern.   By exploring these anxiety driven situations you can begin to understand why these feelings arise and I can support you as we uncover new ways for you to feel more composed and relaxed in anxiety driven moments.

Counselling you through work-related stress

It can be difficult to juggle all the demands that are placed on you within your work environment.  Sometimes you can feel agitated and despondent or even feel a sense of dread and reluctance to stay in work or to return to work after an absence.

It can be helpful to talk through these concerns with a caring counsellor who is not involved in the situation and who can help you to look for new insights that can help you to deal with your stress.

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