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Building confidence and self-esteem

Some of us seem to be naturally shy or lacking in confident and it can be difficult to find a voice around the more confident people in our lives. Sometimes memories from a childhood of being in the shadow of a more confident sibling, or a parent that did not allow us to express our opinions, or even the teasing and bullying from school friends or teachers can keep us cringing in the back row of life.  

Whatever the situation, it can have a damaging effect on the development of healthy confidence and self-esteem and lead to problems that effect an individual in their adult life.  

Learning about yourself so you might generate greater self-confidence and self-esteem

Counselling can give you an opportunity to explore the hurts from the past so that you might make sense of them and move on to develop confidence in your abilities to take charge and create healthy self-esteem that becomes a natural presence to draw upon in your life on a daily basis

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