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Family and Parenting Issues

Over time, our families can develop and change and with it we realise that we cannot choose our family members only learn to find ways to cope with the varied family members that are brought into the daily mix of family life.

You may be having challenges with a child or a step-child, a parent, or parent-in-law or an ex-partner.  Feelings of exasperation, frustration and despondency might be part of the family landscape and they can be difficult to manage.  I can provide a space where you can safely let out your concerns and feelings so that you might more easily handle family situations.

I Can Support You With Your Family Or Parenting Challenges

Discussing your situation with someone who does not know the people involved in your circumstances can give you an enormous sense of relief.  I can support you as you explore your current situation and we can work together to find ways that you might objectively view things so that you can communicate with greater effect with your family.

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