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Relationship, Separation and Divorce

There can be lots of demands placed on your relationship and when it’s working well it can generate joyous feelings and when the going gets tough it can create feelings of anger and frustration.  Good communication helps relationships to flourish and taking time out of your week to talk to someone outside of your relationship can really help it to stay on track.  

I can help you to gain some perspective on what is going on between you and your partner.  Exploring together what is happening we can look at ways to tackle the issues so that you might communicate in more healthy ways with your partner and help you find your way back to a more successful partnership.

Counselling You through separation or divorce

However, you may have decided that your relationship is too damaged to put right. You may need support to get through a difficult separation or divorce. I can offer an empathic space for you to share your despair, anger and sadness when your relationship crumbles, a private space to grieve what you have lost and a supportive presence as you seek to work out where you go from here and what you wish to do next.

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