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“I came to see Sue after appreciating that my behaviour towards my partner was causing her distress.  Over the course of six sessions, through her frank yet non-judgemental approach she helped me to understand some of the factors that lead to low self-esteem and all the negative thoughts and feelings which upon reflection have been a part of my life for many years.  Since then my life has taken on a much more positive approach. I am not beating myself up about things in the past, but accepting who I am, and being proud of what I have done.  Sue said in one of our sessions just how powerful Acceptance is, and it has shaped my outlook on my life since then.  There are still things I need to work through, but with the tools she has given me to tackle them I am much more happy and confident in myself.  Thank you, Sue.” - TH

“Sue, I just wanted to say a big thank you for your work with me.  It has been so helpful in offering me an alternative way to live with a very difficult situation and has allowed me to let go of a lot of the feelings of guilt and responsibility.  You were skilled, professional and warm and this made it so much easier.  I think your half hour initial meet was such an important part of my feeling of trust, that I had found an excellent Counsellor. With thanks and best wishes.” - Anon

“Just three sessions with Sue greatly helped me clarify a very difficult personal situation.  I left knowing my options and although I had extremely difficult decisions those options were clear”  - RR

“I have been attending counselling sessions over the last six weeks with Sue Holdsworth. I have found these sessions invaluable as, with the help of Sue’s listening skills and non-judgmental approach, I have been able to explore areas of my life which have been troubling me.  Sue comes across as caring and compassionate and this has helped me open up to her and share deep emotional stuff which has caused stress.  I would be happy to recommend her as a counsellor to my friends and wish her all the best for her future career as a counsellor”  - HM

"Counselling has helped me close chapters in my life that before would bring me a lot of pain.  Now I'm able to look back from a better place in my life and be a better person" CE

"You have helped me so much and I feel I understand that now I can look after myself and my anger and stress levels.  I feel I can now relax and stop my past from holding me back.  Thank you so much.  You have allowed me to feel that being myself is okay"  MN

"Sue really helped me to understand myself and that a lot of my angst was a symptom of my expectations of myself.  I learned to step backwards and realise that it may not matter, and I can influence things far better by stepping back rather than getting wrapped up in content.  For me, I was in a dark place and my world is completely different.  The difference is profound"  MP

"I came to counselling to deal with work related stress.  I wanted to find a way to regain balance in my life between fun, finances and being present at home.  Talking through the decisions and how my own personality influences the choices I have made, and continue to make, helped me to clarify the way forward"  HC

"I was in a very negative place emotionally - a lot of barriers stopping me from moving my life forward in the direction I wanted it to go.  I needed to find a way of accepting my role in the breakdown of my marriage and come to terms with the guilt I feel because of the life I have created for my boys.  Talking to Sue helped me to build the strength to try and breakdown some of the barriers standing in my way.  Counselling has helped to build my confidence slightly - enough to empower me into taking control.  I have been able to talk around why I might feel and behave in certain ways - I think I understand myself more.  Thank you Sue, I now realise I'm not that bad a person!"  RK

"I came for counselling due to a relationship break up, uncertainty over the future and worry about own mental state.  I've become more open with my own feelings to myself and to others.  Realised that my own 'weaknesses' are not as bad as they could be and turn them into strengths.  It has been easy and safe environment to talk about anything that was on my mind.  I wish I had been brave enough to have done this years ago."  CW